Uke radical expelled from Cult due to FB Profile Faux Pas

Police rush to the border of Ukulele Cult Village, Little Wanking, to intercept one of its rare expulsions.

Terri Mia Newone was ordered to leave the village in a bizarre ceremony which involved Cult Leader Illuva Pinbridge cutting Newones strings off her ukulele and throwing her instrument into a nearby river.

Crimes within the community usually result in reprogramming however, repeat offenders (of which this is the first since the Cult took over the village last year), may be expelled. Crimes include using a strap or playing songs that aren’t contained in the Little Wanking Ukulele Song Index.

Cult expert Dr Irma Sheep believes the crime this time was putting up a Facebook profile picture which didn’t include a ukulele in it.

“It is seen as particularly detrimental to your inclusion in the ukulele Cult. If you do not have a ukulele in your profile picture, other ukulele Cult members will not be able to identify you as a brother or sister and will not automatically add you as a friend without thinking. It also suggests that the ukulele is not at the centre of your life and there fore Little Wanking is not the centre of your universe.”

Miss Newone who last night vowed never to “touch one of those fucking small guitars ever again” was shocked but unharmed last night. She was immediately given post Cult exposure reprogramming which usually takes up to weeks to years to start working. Dr Sheep explained that Newone only really needed 10 minutes and was happy never to hear King of the Swingers ever again.

New developments will be released as we hear of them.

Brudda Iz in Hawaii Five- “Oh!” Shocker

Iz revealed to be more than a ukulele singing sensation!

He won the hearts of all Hawaiians and all over the world. His rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow” was as well known as Judy Garlands’. But new rumours are emerging that Brudda Iz wasn’t just the outstanding ukulele player and singer we knew and loved. A secret diary of a surf and ukulele teacher from the Island of Oahu has confessed that he, alongside Brudda Iz were secret Hawaii Five-0 agents.

Iz, full name Israel Kamakawiwoʻole which, coincidentally means “Fearless Eyed Man”, started as an informant with the “Five-O” after becoming increasingly dismayed at the high level of illegal fluorocarbon entering the island. From the beach where he often serenaded his audiences, he had direct eyes on fishermen smuggling fluorocarbon disguised as fishing line. As Iz became more proficient, he began to head his own investigations until the “Five- 0” brought him onto the payroll directly.

Such an arrangement wasn’t unusual for an agency unconfined by law and regulation and could employ anyone and use any technique. Indeed it is also believed that after a spate of thefts on the big Island, uke player Herb Ohta was employed briefly to seek out and retrieve stolen ukulele sound holes.

It is unknown whether any contemporary ukulele stars are Five-0 agents. The Periodical Ukulele has deliberately not sought to unearth this information in order to protect current Five-0 operations and their agents.

Uke Blog Crashes!

Ukulele Blogger Winds up Ukulele Blog After 4 Articles

The most hotly anticipated ukulele blog left uke communities in shock last might as its author announced he was bringing it to an end.

Ukulele artist and writer Darren Yuall, made himself available for comment this morning despite being on a verge of a break down.

“I’m sorry I’ve let everyone down.” He said. “You would think after a year of playing an instrument and being so opinionated on Facebook, that I would be well qualified to write a uke blog. My first blog was on how the uke was such a happy instrument. My second was on how it wasn’t. You know, the really controversial stuff. My third was on whether to wear a strap or not. The fourth was whether to use a music stand or not. From there I just totally became lost for anything to say about it all.”

The excitement over his blog named “Uke Must Be Kidding!” has been unprecedented, especially after the fourth blog. Yuall began writing the fifth until he came to a shocking conclusion.

“The fifth blog I found myself writing nothing but nonsense. Something about setting yourself aside from others by turning up at an open mic with a uke when everyone else has got a guitar. Then I remembered I did this at an open mic and someone else turned up with an Ocarina and brought the house down. It was at this point I realised……

That there just isn’t a lot to say about the ukulele.”

Indeed scientists recently discovered the roots of the strange phenomenon of such close knit ukulele groups.

Dr John Sayer from 82 Westfield Drive, Bridport , who requested to remain anonymous, said,

“Ukuleles are lovely instruments but most people find them really boring to talk about. If you don’t play a ukulele you won’t find it interesting. So that’s why most uke players stay together and talk about the same things over and over again. Stick around for long enough and you’ll realise they only ever cover a couple of subjects in each conversation. Very similar to meerkats. I think.”

Whilst the ukulele world waits in wonder as to who will fill the void of ukulele blogs, severe doubt also exists on whether ukulele blogs are all that sustainable.

Watch this space for updates.

Brandt Branded Ukulele Heretic

Man incurs wrath of radical musicians by publicly destroying ukulele.

Pockets of radical Ukulele players were enflamed with rage last night as American ukulele player Alan Brandt publicly destroyed a ukulele online. The number of witnesses to Brandt smashing the sacred instrument with a hammer is unknown but the angry responses on Facebook were unprecedented.

Police and the national guard have been mobilised to quell disquiet and riots in some communities where there has been mass chest thumping and gnashing of teeth.

Last night, prior to the act, Brandt was warned not to destroy the instrument for fear of reprisals but he refused and continued anyway. He is alleged to have intended to use the neck to build a “cigar box ukulele” but countless numbers felt this was still not “sustainable enough” and denied people in need of a decent opportunity to play.

Brandt was unavailable for comment this morning as rumours suggest he has moved himself and family into hiding. Word of this spurred hundreds of ukulele extremists to storm Brandt’s house in order to save as many ukuleles from destruction as possible. Despite exhaustive searches around the property, only one pink mahalo Ukulele was found. Despite needing a tune, it was largely intact.

“We can confirm that we have this morning removed an instrument from Brandt’s ukulele dungeon of hell where is is known to deface and maim these poor innocent instruments.” Said A representative of the Freedom For Fleas movement. “We have moved this ukulele and given it to a young 10 year old boy living in poverty”

Later this afternoon, Danny the poverty stricken boy was tracked down and asked what he thought of the gift.

“A meal would have been nicer or perhaps some footwear, but, you know I’d like to thank whoever for the small guitar. It made great firewood for warming my uncle Pete who lives outside somewhere.”

More news as it comes……

It’s On!

RAS agree to definitely write England World Cup Song following second win by England football team.

The Rats Arse Strummers can confirm that they are definitely now going to write the National theme song in honour of the England football teams performance in the 2018 World Cup against Tunisia and Panama.

Musical director, Andy Withaball, has confirmed that he and a group of friends will now definitely go ahead and write the song which they’re hoping will be ready to go viral by the time the England team get home.

“I’m not even thinking of the possibility of winning another match or even winning the cup. Their playing against world quality teams, Tunisia and Panama have been outstanding. 6 goals in one game?! I had to change my boxer shorts almost as many times!”

Withaball admits progress has been slow , hindered partly by doubts cast by the media.

“I felt a pang or doubt yesterday as everyone was saying how England were only winning because they had an easy group. But you know, someone’s got to play the easy ones. And you know, the England players have to play some sort of football to earn the money they get given for just turning up.”

The group are reportedly coming to the end of the first first verse. The content is totally secret so we can’t reveal any words or music yet but watch this space.

Man who plays ukulele finds strength in heart to hate again.

Ukulele player Buck Le Trend wants to save the world with his uke but still manages to hate Mexicans.

The ukulele world tripped up on its own positive thoughts last night as it transpired that a man who took up the instrument some years ago still hated most people.

Whilst most ukulele players were still posting messages of love and optimism about how much the uke was going to change the world , Mr Buck Le Trend was taking his own path vocalising his disdain for people who happened to live outside his front gate and especially those of a different colour.

Not being totally fulfilled with calling the UKs Duchess of Sussex names referring to her colour, he is also a proud supporter of Trumps wall and keeping immigrants from Mexico out of his back yard.

“I know people will think I’m racist but really, I just don’t want any Mexicans in my back yard. We need this wall”. Said Le Trend who lives 600 km from the border of Mexico, right after he had finished his set at his ukulele club which included songs like “love will build a bridge” and “you are my sunshine.”.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love people and I do believe the ukulele will save the world. Most importantly I am not a racist! “ Le Trend said

“But it took a long time to clear the land of native Americans so we could start afresh and become the leader of the free world. We fought for freedom and liberty and we just don’t want to undo that by letting anyone just come in and do what they want when they want.”

As a result of this occurrence, new research is due to commence. Prof S. T. Rumb from Hoaxton university explained.

“It has become apparent that the ukulele, whilst engendering feelings of goodwill and inclusion is now a popular instrument amongst pockets of racist people in the Southern US. Why they have taken up this instrument is a mystery but we think it might be because most people who take up the ukulele experience some kind of name calling. We wondered whether this population who seem to thrive on a sense of persecution naturally gravitate toward this divisive instrument. It does indeed go against the grain of most Americans who still believe in humanity regardless of colour, race, background and instrument they play. “

More news in this to follow.

Uke Club Seize Day after England World Cup Squad win a Football Match

Ukulele club plans to write national football song after England win football match.

A ukulele club north of London last night revealed their plans to write and perform a national football song after England won a football match this evening.

The Rats Arse Ukulele Strummers (RAS) President Andy Withaball explained following the 2-1 win against Tunisia.

“We really weren’t expecting this. England not only scoring goals but actually winning the match. Amazing. I did think with all the times they kicked that ball toward goal, it would go in at some point but two! Two!”

The unexpected cause for celebration inspired Withaball to get paper and pen out and call his fellow ukulele players over for some wine and song writing. He explained:

“The optimism we have now is massive. If they can just go on to win maybe a second match, that would be amazing. I mean if they don’t, one match is fine, but you know you start to get hungry for victory.”

One of the songwriters has been put in charge of song structure in order to ensure that it’s not just cobbled together. Something the England team has often looked like in the past.

“We have gotten quite far with the project in just the space of three hours.” Said Norman Sland. “ Right now we’re certain that the song will have three verses and a chorus between each. Not quite happy with the middle eight yet but you can’t rush these things. We haven’t actually got any words yet because we’re just not tuned in to this kind of song. We also expect it to start in G and end in D. The rest of the chords we’ll sort after Nora, my wife, works out the circle of fifths graph”.

If the RAS pull this off it will be the only England football team song written this year since every other artist had turned down the offer.

“Theme tunes to darts is all the rage” said Withaball. “So there’s a real chance of this football song becoming a hit in the absence of any other song.”

Watch this space to listen once it’s written.