Brudda Iz in Hawaii Five- “Oh!” Shocker

Iz revealed to be more than a ukulele singing sensation!

He won the hearts of all Hawaiians and all over the world. His rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow” was as well known as Judy Garlands’. But new rumours are emerging that Brudda Iz wasn’t just the outstanding ukulele player and singer we knew and loved. A secret diary of a surf and ukulele teacher from the Island of Oahu has confessed that he, alongside Brudda Iz were secret Hawaii Five-0 agents.

Iz, full name Israel Kamakawiwoʻole which, coincidentally means “Fearless Eyed Man”, started as an informant with the “Five-O” after becoming increasingly dismayed at the high level of illegal fluorocarbon entering the island. From the beach where he often serenaded his audiences, he had direct eyes on fishermen smuggling fluorocarbon disguised as fishing line. As Iz became more proficient, he began to head his own investigations until the “Five- 0” brought him onto the payroll directly.

Such an arrangement wasn’t unusual for an agency unconfined by law and regulation and could employ anyone and use any technique. Indeed it is also believed that after a spate of thefts on the big Island, uke player Herb Ohta was employed briefly to seek out and retrieve stolen ukulele sound holes.

It is unknown whether any contemporary ukulele stars are Five-0 agents. The Periodical Ukulele has deliberately not sought to unearth this information in order to protect current Five-0 operations and their agents.


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