Man who plays ukulele finds strength in heart to hate again.

Ukulele player Buck Le Trend wants to save the world with his uke but still manages to hate Mexicans.

The ukulele world tripped up on its own positive thoughts last night as it transpired that a man who took up the instrument some years ago still hated most people.

Whilst most ukulele players were still posting messages of love and optimism about how much the uke was going to change the world , Mr Buck Le Trend was taking his own path vocalising his disdain for people who happened to live outside his front gate and especially those of a different colour.

Not being totally fulfilled with calling the UKs Duchess of Sussex names referring to her colour, he is also a proud supporter of Trumps wall and keeping immigrants from Mexico out of his back yard.

“I know people will think I’m racist but really, I just don’t want any Mexicans in my back yard. We need this wall”. Said Le Trend who lives 600 km from the border of Mexico, right after he had finished his set at his ukulele club which included songs like “love will build a bridge” and “you are my sunshine.”.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love people and I do believe the ukulele will save the world. Most importantly I am not a racist! “ Le Trend said

“But it took a long time to clear the land of native Americans so we could start afresh and become the leader of the free world. We fought for freedom and liberty and we just don’t want to undo that by letting anyone just come in and do what they want when they want.”

As a result of this occurrence, new research is due to commence. Prof S. T. Rumb from Hoaxton university explained.

“It has become apparent that the ukulele, whilst engendering feelings of goodwill and inclusion is now a popular instrument amongst pockets of racist people in the Southern US. Why they have taken up this instrument is a mystery but we think it might be because most people who take up the ukulele experience some kind of name calling. We wondered whether this population who seem to thrive on a sense of persecution naturally gravitate toward this divisive instrument. It does indeed go against the grain of most Americans who still believe in humanity regardless of colour, race, background and instrument they play. “

More news in this to follow.


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