Uke Club Seize Day after England World Cup Squad win a Football Match

Ukulele club plans to write national football song after England win football match.

A ukulele club north of London last night revealed their plans to write and perform a national football song after England won a football match this evening.

The Rats Arse Ukulele Strummers (RAS) President Andy Withaball explained following the 2-1 win against Tunisia.

“We really weren’t expecting this. England not only scoring goals but actually winning the match. Amazing. I did think with all the times they kicked that ball toward goal, it would go in at some point but two! Two!”

The unexpected cause for celebration inspired Withaball to get paper and pen out and call his fellow ukulele players over for some wine and song writing. He explained:

“The optimism we have now is massive. If they can just go on to win maybe a second match, that would be amazing. I mean if they don’t, one match is fine, but you know you start to get hungry for victory.”

One of the songwriters has been put in charge of song structure in order to ensure that it’s not just cobbled together. Something the England team has often looked like in the past.

“We have gotten quite far with the project in just the space of three hours.” Said Norman Sland. “ Right now we’re certain that the song will have three verses and a chorus between each. Not quite happy with the middle eight yet but you can’t rush these things. We haven’t actually got any words yet because we’re just not tuned in to this kind of song. We also expect it to start in G and end in D. The rest of the chords we’ll sort after Nora, my wife, works out the circle of fifths graph”.

If the RAS pull this off it will be the only England football team song written this year since every other artist had turned down the offer.

“Theme tunes to darts is all the rage” said Withaball. “So there’s a real chance of this football song becoming a hit in the absence of any other song.”

Watch this space to listen once it’s written.


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