It’s On!

RAS agree to definitely write England World Cup Song following second win by England football team.

The Rats Arse Strummers can confirm that they are definitely now going to write the National theme song in honour of the England football teams performance in the 2018 World Cup against Tunisia and Panama.

Musical director, Andy Withaball, has confirmed that he and a group of friends will now definitely go ahead and write the song which they’re hoping will be ready to go viral by the time the England team get home.

“I’m not even thinking of the possibility of winning another match or even winning the cup. Their playing against world quality teams, Tunisia and Panama have been outstanding. 6 goals in one game?! I had to change my boxer shorts almost as many times!”

Withaball admits progress has been slow , hindered partly by doubts cast by the media.

“I felt a pang or doubt yesterday as everyone was saying how England were only winning because they had an easy group. But you know, someone’s got to play the easy ones. And you know, the England players have to play some sort of football to earn the money they get given for just turning up.”

The group are reportedly coming to the end of the first first verse. The content is totally secret so we can’t reveal any words or music yet but watch this space.


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