Uke Blog Crashes!

Ukulele Blogger Winds up Ukulele Blog After 4 Articles

The most hotly anticipated ukulele blog left uke communities in shock last might as its author announced he was bringing it to an end.

Ukulele artist and writer Darren Yuall, made himself available for comment this morning despite being on a verge of a break down.

“I’m sorry I’ve let everyone down.” He said. “You would think after a year of playing an instrument and being so opinionated on Facebook, that I would be well qualified to write a uke blog. My first blog was on how the uke was such a happy instrument. My second was on how it wasn’t. You know, the really controversial stuff. My third was on whether to wear a strap or not. The fourth was whether to use a music stand or not. From there I just totally became lost for anything to say about it all.”

The excitement over his blog named “Uke Must Be Kidding!” has been unprecedented, especially after the fourth blog. Yuall began writing the fifth until he came to a shocking conclusion.

“The fifth blog I found myself writing nothing but nonsense. Something about setting yourself aside from others by turning up at an open mic with a uke when everyone else has got a guitar. Then I remembered I did this at an open mic and someone else turned up with an Ocarina and brought the house down. It was at this point I realised……

That there just isn’t a lot to say about the ukulele.”

Indeed scientists recently discovered the roots of the strange phenomenon of such close knit ukulele groups.

Dr John Sayer from 82 Westfield Drive, Bridport , who requested to remain anonymous, said,

“Ukuleles are lovely instruments but most people find them really boring to talk about. If you don’t play a ukulele you won’t find it interesting. So that’s why most uke players stay together and talk about the same things over and over again. Stick around for long enough and you’ll realise they only ever cover a couple of subjects in each conversation. Very similar to meerkats. I think.”

Whilst the ukulele world waits in wonder as to who will fill the void of ukulele blogs, severe doubt also exists on whether ukulele blogs are all that sustainable.

Watch this space for updates.


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